Proper massage
Proper massage.

Proper massage.

No matter how active lifestyle you lead, the need to always have a massage. Proper massage is necessary for anyone who leads a sedentary lifestyle. It does not only relax the whole body but gives you energy and relieve fatigue. There are many different types of massage. From an ordinary massage to an erotic massage. And each of them is useful in its own way. But how to know and understand what kind of massage is right for you, and which one you need. For example, erotic massage is an excellent solution for those who experience fatigue and depression.

The most important thing to knows which kind of massage you need. The right massage will escape at the end of the working day. Of course, the best solution is to go to a massage salon. However, not always, you have such possibility, so that you can make a massage at home. Of course, as in massage salon you don’t receive such favor, but nevertheless, it will a little relax and calm you. But how to make really correct massage?

If to speak about massage bases, first of all, it is necessary to say, that there are in a technique of massage some movements, which make a basis of any massage. The first is a movement in which the therapist strokes the skin. Next is rubbing the skin with the use of various aromatic oils. Another motion is a warm body. Typically, this movement is used at the start of massage. Sometimes also used patting and vibration.

Each of these techniques influences the body is completely different. For example, stroking the body, you are actively working on the nerve endings that are on the skin. Reception is the very good grinding effect when a back massage. Also, in the conventional massage must be present kneading body.

It is necessary to pay special attention to a back massage. Quite a lot of people suffer from severe pain in their back. Proper massage done in accordance with all guidelines, which will yield positive results after the first session. Doctors recommend many different types of massage, but not all of them will be effective at that or any other disease.

Back pain has many reasons. Basically, these problems are related to sedentary work and uncomfortable position at work. There are times when back pain associated with persistent and intense workouts.

The back is the most exposed to various problems and diseases. The right massage for any part of the body will be an excellent solution for the treatment of the back, ligaments, and tendons.

Massage is one of the most ancient methods of treatment of various diseases. Correct massage can be a cure for many diseases. It should also pay attention to the fact that the right massage should be done in a clear sequence. It is also forbidden to press on a back. In order to do massage properly and effectively, you need to use all the basic techniques and rules.

Proper massage provides a few basic rules, under which action will be most effective massage. The room for the massage should be warm, but also must have access to fresh air. Do yourself a massage is not easy, so you need to prepare for it in advance. Massage it is very difficult. Therefore, in addition, to all the small preparations also need to learn some techniques of massage. To do this, you only need to massage your hands warm. It is also advisable to use a special massage oil or massage cream. It is also necessary to take into account all the individual characteristics. Perhaps this is the massage oil on your patient is allergic. Therefore, we must advance to find out whether there are any individual characteristics and contraindications.

This massage will not only give strength but also to invigorate and raise efficiency. If you do learn how to do a self-massage, you will be able to please all your family and friends. With the help of massage can treat some diseases. In addition, massage is an excellent prevention. Nevertheless, having learned the basic techniques, do not rush to massage. Always follow the rules of the massage. To begin, you must first do massage on large parts of the body, and then gradually move on to the smaller. Thus, you can greatly speed up the metabolism. Your massage must attend a certain rhythm and pace. It is also necessary to perform all the tricks with two hands. The temperature in the room should not be less than 23 degrees. Massage is sure to clean skin. Therefore, the best solution is bathing a soul. All movements during the session should be neat and pleasant for the patient.

There are specific indications and contraindications to performing massage. By indications, they include:

– The various cardiovascular diseases, such as cardio, high and low pressure., Vascular disease.

– Diseases of the respiratory system. Bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia.

– Any problems of the musculoskeletal system. Arthritis, diseases of the spine, scoliosis, sprains, rheumatism.

– Diseases of the central nervous system, circulatory disorders, paralysis, and its prevention.

– Diseases of the peripheral nervous system.

In addition to the indications for the use of massage, there are also contraindications. These include:

– Benign and malignant tumors, ulcers, blood disease, blood clots, heart valve defect, ischemia, heart failure, problems with blood vessels in the brain.

– Swelling of the lungs, kidney problems, liver problems, sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis.

– Different diseases dermatological nature, fungus, rash, burns, bleeding.

– Vegetative illness, fever, temperature, postoperative period.

– Alcohol intoxication.

– The build-up on the skin, large moles, psoriasis, eczema.

– Enlarged lymph nodes.

– Varicose veins, mastitis.

– Fibroids, fibromyoma.

– Diseases of the female reproductive system, pregnancy.

Massage is a great way to improve your body and bring the body in tone.