Thai massage
Thai massage.

Thai massage. It is not just a massage, it’s a whole system.

Thai massage there is a very long time. It’s not just a massage, is a system that aims at full recovery. It includes many different ways through which it is possible to influence the human body. The roots of Thai massage go into Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient healing system. This system is the oldest in all of medicine. There it was, another 2.5 thousand years ago, and is very popular so far.
In Thai massage are actively using technology to fully restore the energy balance of a person. According to the beliefs of Thai healers, all the energy in the person circulates through special channels. Healers believe that this massage is able to cure completely a person of the disease. This can be achieved by pressing the special terms.
The whole history of this massage is undoubtedly linked to the Thai people themselves. Many nations and civilizations influenced the formation of the Thai people. Around them developed many different cultures and customs. Thais believe that the founder of the massage was none other than the Jiva Bhikku. Thais know him as a friend of the Buddha. Today, Thai massage before each read his special mantras.
In ancient times, did not make any records that fully describes all the art of Thai massage. All information Thai healers have inherited orally. There are very few records of Thai massage, but very few of them. Keep these records to this day in The South massage school. This massage school is the most authoritative in the field of Thai massage.
The second most famous in Thai massage is considered to be the town of Chiang Mai. Also called “the center of northern Thailand.” There Thai massage is actively developed and improved. In this city, there are special schools that teach the art of Thai massage. And here it can be trained not only Thais but also students from around the world. Teachers of these schools are training students and improving techniques of Thai massage. In contrast to the rigid Southern school, here focuses on gentle and relaxing movements. They are somewhat similar to yoga. That is why this kind of Thai massage called yoga massage.
Today, Thai massage uses a very different glory. A few decades ago, when the American soldiers rested Thailand, Thai massage began to be confused with prostitution. This caused distrust of Thai massage. Of course, this massage has nothing to do with the usual sex. No one at the massage therapist does not touch the private parts of the client. There is also a tradition in which during the massage, room is not closed and a fence off the screen.
So what is so happening during a massage? Thai massage can last up to three hours. The newcomer client must be dressed in lightweight clothing. It lies on a specially trained massage mat. Most of this massage resembles a regular yoga. Because instead of the usual massage movements using a variety of pressure and stretching. The same techniques can be made not only with hands but also in all possible body parts.
Starting a relaxing massage with special movements. Such movements relax and calm. Therefore, all external stimuli and anxiety instantly go by the wayside. At such moments, the client is completely relaxed and goes into a relaxed state.
If massage is done by a professional, it is from the outside it will look like a dance. All movements of the masseur will be rhythmic and smooth at the same time. When twisting the body involve even the most inaccessible areas of the body. This whole body is stretched, and all the muscles relax. Thai massage all fully activated the whole body. It uses a special point for relaxation and full recovery. With this massage, increases blood flow throughout the body. One massage equates efficiency of relaxation to three days of complete rest.
This massage is very beneficial to human health. During the session, you get a deep and lasting relaxation, relieves stress, relaxes the muscles, stimulate all of your body. In addition, it improves blood circulation throughout the body.
Typically, in order to master the skills of what a Thai massage, you need a lot of practice and training. And if regular massage from a massage therapist is simply inept discomfort. What if improperly Thai massage you will have a long time to recover. If an ordinary massage provides a few basic movements, thanks to which there is a full massage, then a Thai a bit more complicated. In Thai massage, there are more than a hundred tricks and each of them is special in their own way. In addition, for the proper execution of this massage is necessary to know not only the massage techniques but also their sequence. Because even the correct techniques in the wrong order can lead to bad consequences. Learning the art of a massage is necessary to possess a very large amount of knowledge. In teaching, as a rule, are only the tricks, no sequence.
Also, a big problem can become a person’s world. According to Thai beliefs, this massage is studied and is not for the purchase of benefits, but for the sake of a four basic qualities: compassion, kindness, joy, and equality. To learn how to do this massage you have worked long and hard to learn and develop.
Thai massage will not help those who practices yoga. Because massage is focused on stretching and relaxation of muscles. But it does not help when overstretched muscles, as, for example, the yogis. There is another reason why Thai massage may not give the desired effect. In Thai massage, the main emphasis is on relaxation is physical. At the time, as we have more of a psychological tension.
At present, there is a universal system of massage, allows the patient to have fun and relax, and at the same time relaxing both mentally and physically. This system of massage based mainly on Thai massage, but here too there are techniques and exercises from other types of massage. Learn how to massage this can be much faster than, for example, the classic Thai massage.
Here, the main desire to learn and develop. Everything depends on this. The practice of this massage requires a lot of time and practical exercises.