Erogenous zones
Erogenous zones and what are they for?

Erogenous zones and what are they for?

Most people today are very concerned about the problem of the 21st century. Namely, how to make love. Some are interested in the question of quality, and some of number. Still, most people prefer to address issues of quality. And this, as you know, the issue is far from easy. After all, it is necessary not only to derive pleasure but also to bring it to the partner. After all, if the for males are enough thinking to be got, girl need much more effort. And you do not need to read poetry and sing serenades. A woman can initiate completely different actions.
Moreover, just at that moment comes to mind the idea of erogenous zones. However, what erogenous zones are?
There is a lot of determination at this concept. Of course, among them is also such, which for a long time will fight off you, desire to make love. The most normal of them says erogenous zones are certain parts of the skin, when exposed to a person feels pleasant. Simply put, stimulate the erogenous zones and bring the human orgasm. It can be quite easy to explain. In such areas of skin nerve endings that allow you to experience the excitement, far more than in other areas. The sensitivity of such areas may vary depending on various circumstances. With age, some can be more or less sensitive.
Now to the main what the erogenous zones and what are they for? It must be remembered that women and men are very different, the feelings that will be pleasing to men, a woman can cause disgust.
In terms of sex, men are much easier than women are. Enjoying them depends on the orgasm. And if a man can enjoy the slightest touch and action, the women are much more complicated.
For pleasure, a woman needs to work on this. And if a man is not selfish loves, he must do everything to his lover to get maximum pleasure. Just in this difficult lesson, man is the very useful knowledge that is erogenous zones.
The first and fundamental question: How to look for erogenous zones? First of all, we must remember that all the erogenous zones are divided into individual and unconditional. With absolute, everything is clear. Unconditional erogenous zones are zones, you do not need to look for, for example, the bust. In this case, you need to understand just how like an orchestra. However, individual erogenous zones will be more difficult. These erogenous zones could be anywhere. And no special calculation system for that does not exist. Let’s look a little bit more.
There are benefits, which describes the approximate locations of points on the female body.
Let’s start from the top. Individual zones can be anywhere, but the undisputed leader among them are the ears. As always in the eye of curls, any of them may be the very point of enjoyment. Next is the neck. A gentle touch in this area excites 70% of all women. A little lower, between the shoulder blades is the so-called “cat’s place.” It is also able to arouse greatly a woman. Next, come to the hand. Here it can act on its own. Find erogenous point is possible only if we look for it in all places, from the fingers, and ending with his shoulders. According to STATS, hands caress like all women.
The farther, the more interesting. The belly is particularly sensitive. It is believed, that the most sensitive area is underbelly. Buttocks appreciated at all times. Even in ancient Greece, they appreciate this part of the body. The loin is not so exciting, but about 15% of women say, it is the erogenous place. Finally, the legs. Not for nothing because in ancient China recommended foot massage for a quick recovery.
Find the ones most cherished areas national observations will help you. For example, the most sensitive parts of a woman on a subconscious level always tries as the highlight. Girls wear bracelets, chains, necklaces and pendants. Perhaps it is the erogenous zone.
Now let’s talk about a man’s body. These entire erotic zones on a woman’s body are also relevant for men. However, there are those in which there are special nuances.
What’s erogenous zones with special nuances in men? First of all, we must mention the prostate gland. It is this erogenous zone from a psychological point of view, the most sensitive.
There is one more thing that makes men uncomfortable. It is touching the face after shaving. But this does not mean that you cannot touch the man at all. With a little unshaven facial massage will be only pleasant.
It is not necessary to torture a man as a long prelude. Unlike the women, he needs much less time for arousal.
What erogenous zones? People who believe that is the power button is profoundly mistaken. Unfortunately, things are not so simple. Erogenous zones will only work if the partners love each other. Particularly important is the fact that for a woman.
Erogenous zones may be both first and second order. What is it? Observe alternate stimulate erogenous zones, ranging from the lightest and beyond.
Many couples face in low-quality sex. His reason may be the lack of excitement partners. Here you and useful knowledge about what erogenous zones. Properly impact on such areas can deliver a lot of fun.
Of course, the promotion of the erogenous zones of the first order will cause more fun and excitement than the rest. Nevertheless, do not forget that there are many other erogenous zones. Of course, reward finding them is not easy, but your quest in full.
An important role is also played by the stimulation of erogenous zones. It can kiss whiskey or bite. Passionate kissing and biting will be very relevant neck and shoulders. A large area for action is provided in the lower abdomen.
Do not rush to move on to the stimulation of the “main one”, pay attention to other erogenous zones. After waiting excites even more.
Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that the erogenous zones on the body of each person are very individual. As individual and the response to them. Now you know everything that is erogenous zones.