Get the most from the best relaxing erotic massage in the salon «Retro» and at home!

For people, who don`t know, erotic massage is some unintelligible service from handout, which no one knows. And it worth already for a long time to try personally what our salon of erotic massage “Retro” is inside. Erotic massage will help you to know a lot of about yourself, about your erogenous zone, and after all you will yourself better!
To sexologists` mind erotic massage is very useful, because during it circulation of blood and
sex organ are stimulated, erotic massage is another type of massage, which helps increase
sensitivity and develop sexuality , it is also a good way to develop your sexual life.
Especially useful massage is for couples, as family life often draws in slough of daily routine and home problems, and our salon of erotic massage in Kiev will help you dispose your family life to romantic harmony.
The aim of erotic massage is to give you sentimental enjoyment, and bring you to the highest point of the delight would be perfect.
“Real” erotic massage in our salon “Retro”-is total combination of classic massage techniques, but with addition of sensuality, caresses, game, gentle touches and sentimental movements.
How can we do massage right, you will ask. Of course with the help of the basic techniques of traditional massage, such as rubbing, kneading, stroking and vibration, as it is important firstly to relax physically and spiritually later.
Second part is more important than first, because people, who are living in the city, such as Kiev often suffer from stress and cannot leave their worries behind. Masseuse should discourage you with her tenderness, slow and sensual movements, softness and beauty of the women`s body, and all this should help you to feel the quiet, confidence and certainly indescribable pleasure! Massage can be last from 30 minutes to some hours. We advise to guests of our salon of erotic massage to combine different variations of massage, for example a combination of traditional and body-massage. Erotic massage will relieve you of fatigue and make you forget about the troubles of life at least for a few hours. In our salon in Kiev guestы always get a charge of positive energy forces.
erotic massage in kiev