Conditions of massage
Conditions of massage for complete relaxation.

Conditions of massage for complete relaxation.

Conditions of massages to help you to get the maximum result. You shouldn’t even mention the importance of massage in the life of each person But to reach the best effect from each session of massage, it is necessary to create the corresponding conditions of massage. It is important to know all subtleties and trifles of carrying out massage, after all non-compliance with only one of the requirement it can reduce considerably efficiency from all massage. An important factor is the use of special aromatic oils.
Conditions of massage are obligatory therefore, its observance isn’t even discussed. Only this way it is possible to achieve the best effect from massage sessions. The beginning of any massage has to be smooth and easy. Its intensity has to increase imperceptibly for the patient. Coming to the selected massage for the first time, you must know that the duration of the session should be small. Massage duration should be increased gradually. Massage is determined based on the customer’s wishes and the doctor’s recommendations.
If you choose one of the types of medical massage, consultation of the expert for you is obligatory. Therapeutic massage is applied only after the permission of a specialist. Such type of massage can’t be done independently, without meeting massage conditions. Therapeutic massage is usually prescribed for certain diseases and their prevention. The important role played by the individual characteristics of each patient. For example, elderly people are contraindicated intensive massage.
The duration of the massage can be quite different. It can range from 15 minutes to 2 hours. The duration of the massage depends on the type of massage. Terms of massages are also selected separately for each type and massages. It is recommended to go to the massage once every two days. Typically, a full course of massage consists of 15 sessions. It is also distinguished by the implementation of a massage. It can perform a massage therapist manually and can perform with the help of special equipment. Each type of massage includes the features and conditions of massage.
Many people believe that massage can do by yourself. Some even pass special courses and training are looking on the internet. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that even if all the conditions to create a massage, therapeutic massage carried out on their own is still not recommended. Proper implementation and massage techniques by qualified massage therapist know. But do not think that every of massages require a graduated training. For example, erotic massage and its variants do not require such knowledge. To achieve the effect of relaxation is not necessary to know the many different ways of massage. The only thing is to stick to it right conditions massage. Only one proper environment can adjust the patient to receive pleasure and complete relaxation. But it is worth remembering that for a massage with the therapeutic effect is necessary to contact a qualified technician.
When performing erotic massage, it is not only with arms but also the whole body. This greatly multiplies the enjoyment of the session. When the conventional massage involved exclusively hand.
There are some basic rules and conditions of massage, following which you can achieve the most effective massage. The room for the massage should be a certain temperature, most often it is the temperature below 24 degrees Celsius. The lighting in the room should be muted. A positive impact as a calm and quiet atmosphere. During the massage is only allowed to use special tools. Massages are also carried out on a clean body. Unacceptable conduct massage in the event that scratches is present on the body or wound, as well as various skin diseases. Massages must also take no less than an hour after the last meal. Massage necessarily need to be combined with special ointments and oils. Oils improve sliding hands over the body of the patient. Massages must consist of several stages, usually the introduction, and the main part of the massage lies.
At the beginning of the session all, the movements smooth and easy and only gradually increase the intensity of the techniques can. If you apply the techniques quickly, there will be the effect of heating. The main part of the therapeutic massage is performed movements and techniques. At the end of the massage, movements are reduced rates gradually and smoothly. All ointments and oils should be applied to the hands and then the body of the patient. At the end of the massage, you need to rest for half an hour. If a massage there are unpleasant sensations, the session should be reduced.
There are special techniques that are used in the usual massage and erotic. First and foremost of these is the anti-aliasing. It is used most often in the beginning and end of the session. This method is very light and quiet. It can be performed using one or two hands. Such a movement is very quiet and smooth. During its application in any case, there should be no wrinkles in the patient’s body. In carrying out such a method does not need to press too hard and rub the skin of the patient. Too intensive use of the reception can be applied to the patient more harm.
Another important technique is a lot of massaging. This method affects the body is much more than anti-aliasing. It affects deeper layers of skin, thus contributing to the resorption of small entities. The technique of the reception is very diverse and requires training.
Warm-up acts are much deeper than all previous methods. This technique warm accelerates blood circulation. This kind of gymnastics for all the massaged muscles. The warm-up should be carried out very slowly. The slower a reception will be held, the more benefits it will bring to the patient. Its advantage is that it speeds up the circulation and muscle flexing.
Vibration has a strong analgesic effect, it is often used for various injuries and damages. This method cannot be performed for a long time. Its duration is considered in seconds. Improper use of this technique can be harmful.
Terms massages undoubtedly important to achieve a better effect of the massage. Also, play an important role skill sand know ledge masseuses.