Today is quite topical massage services. It’s no secret that there are many varieties of massage. But today we will focus on hydromassage. Hydromassage- procedure is quite nice and helpful. It is able to relax muscles quickly and have a positive effect on the body. This massage can alleviate pain, back pain, and relieve tension and stress.
Doctors recommend hydro for the treatment of various diseases of the spine. Also, this massage has a positive effect circulation and greatly accelerates the body’s metabolism. Massage with water cleans the skin and contributes to its restoration. Carrying out such a procedure helps to combat cellulite and problems with excess weight. Scientific evidence shows that massage helps speed up metabolism and metabolic activity.
Medicine does not stand still, and every day there are new procedures aimed at the rehabilitation and recovery of the body. A separate area is a whirlpool. A special therapy affects the body with water. Undoubtedly, this massage is very useful. Already many people have experienced the wonderful effects of massage. This massage is performed by air mixed with water. The spa pools and Jacuzzi have special holes, through which pass the micro bubbles. If you cannot accept such massage sessions at home, you can take advantage of specialized institutions.
In addition to the usual hydromassage also very popular, dry hydro. It is an excellent alternative to regular massage.
Water treatments have always been and will be the key to health. The person for 70% consists of water. Its healing properties are not only able to raise the mood, but also to improve the skin condition and overall health. Today, it is simply impossible to imagine the lack of bathrooms and showers.
The first bathroom with hydro-massage was invented in the 20th century. Later it became clear that such procedures have a positive effect on the entire body. A little later, a Jacuzzi has become very popular. Today, a bath with Jacuzzi function is in almost every home.
Species hydro quite a lot and each of them is special. Hydromassage effectively relieves fatigue and stress. Massage fills the body with energy.
The benefits of hydro proved in ancient times. It has long been sources were used in Greece. Also actively used geysers. It should also be recalled that the possibility to use hydromassage in the home came to us from Italy. It was there for the first time there was a hot tub.
Hydromassage is also used to adjust the shape. Using massage helps with weight loss. It promotes the breakdown of fat and improve skin condition. Massage helps with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Use it to restore motor function.
Hydro helps to restore the skin and bring it to the tone. Also, massage helps to remove toxins and saturate the body with oxygen.
In addition to all the pros, a hydromassagehas its cons. The Jacuzzi contains many harmful bacteria. In addition, if you overdo it with the number of bathrooms, the state of health could deteriorate.
You need to know that the adoption of such baths is recommended for people with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. This massage will help to improve the functioning of the muscles and joints. Also, these baths can help with insomnia. Massage is also recommended for obesity and cellulite. This bath helps to burn fat. In medicine, this massage is prescribed for chronic fatigue, diseases of the nervous system, sagging skin and muscle weakness. Nevertheless, do not take a bath without first consulting your doctor.
Very often, this massage is used for weight loss and make the body taut appearance. After all, people are used to, that the struggle with being overweight goes by without constraints and loads. But with jet massage do not need to torture yourself.
It works all this is simple enough. Powerful water jets acts on the desired areas of the body. Therefore, you cannot only lose weight dramatically, but do not bother with heavy workouts and diets. You can adjust the water flow and the intensity of the jet.
Of course, a massage can be done at home, but to achieve a good result really is better to turn to a specialized center. In order to take such baths it was useful and effective it is necessary to trust a proven specialist.
Everything must be selected individually, taking into account individual circumstances. The temperature should be individualized. To enhance the effect it is recommended to come on foot to the procedures and do not overeat. After the procedure, you should not get up sharply.
Typically, a full course of massage consists of 15 procedures. They are appointed, usually every other day. Each treatment lasted from about half an hour to an hour.
This massage is useful for weight loss for several reasons. The water on the skin is very favorable. After several visits to the skin visually becomes more toned and fresh.
Each of these sessions, relieves stress, increases metabolism, and removes toxins. Water is actively working on body fat. Water massage is an integral part of the struggle for a slender figure. To do this, you can not go to the clinic and beauty centers. Special bath or a shower stall you can buy in any store. Also, for greater efficiency, you can use additional funds.
Of all the advantages of the water massage is good to remember and cons and warnings. There are a number of contraindications, which you should to listen. Water massage is contraindicated if you:
– Do you have any disease in the acute stage.
– If there are thrombosis.
– Infections.
– Skin diseases.
– Pregnancy.
– Disease of the bladder.
– Myocardial ischemia.
– Hypertension.
– Oncology.
Also, there are problems with low-quality cleaning and disinfection. Also, there are often problems with bacteria and fungi.
Opinions about this massage is quite versatile. But no doubt it is useful to strengthen the body. After several sessions held tiredness and heaviness in the body. The color of the skin and its structure is significantly improved. Pass the pain in the joints and bones. Also, it is worth noting that after a course of massage to normalize sleep and tested headaches. Water massage also strengthens the immune system.
In addition, clever use of the massage will allow you to strengthensignificantlynot only the body, but also to achieve effective weight loss. Besides, it is not only useful, but also pleasant.