Interior in salon erotic massage «Retro» in Kiev

Interior salon by the address: Str. Three Saints 11
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Interior salon by the address: Str. Nazarovskaya 9

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Interior in erotic massage “Retro” in Kiev will delight you with its calm and relaxing interior made in vintage style, so you can relax both body and soul. Despite everything, the atmosphere for each of us is an important factor, as your peace of mind and mood is an important moment for erotic massage.Large comfortable rooms with convenient and comfortable beds, large bathrooms, fully equipped for your comfort are waiting for you. Hot tub and a beautiful girl in it is everything that man needs for his relaxation. So there is no need to invite the girl to his home, in the sauna or to rented apartment, we have everything!

In the salon of erotic massage “Retro” you can watch the lesbian show, strip-tease, relax during a massage body or combine all together, because we have endless opportunities for your enjoyment!

Erotic massage salon in Kiev opens its doors for you, your friends and your lovers! Lovely evening, you can diversify with the delicious cocktails or champagne! And if you come for a massage for couples and want to continue to delight your body flushed, we provide you with comfortable rooms, unto which you can continue your pleasure!