Technique of erotic massage
Technique of erotic massage

Technique of erotic massage
Erotic massage is a very pleasant procedure that combines both pleasure and health benefits. It can be performed not only in a specialized massage salon but also at home. A technique of erotic massage is quite simple and understandable for everyone. The gradual implementation of all the necessary actions will provide you and your partner an unforgettable experience. Where can you start and how finish this pleasant event?

Preparing for erotic massage
First of all, you need to prepare the room where massage will be held. Take care of your comfortable bed, which will be suitable for you and your partner. Pay special attention to the bedclothes. Choose something beautiful that can emphasize the intimate atmosphere. Silk linens of scarlet tones will be very well. It is pleasant to touch it. And it is attractive from an aesthetic point of view.

Make a pleasant shade in the room. Refuse from electric lighting. Prefer candles. Their glow emphasizes a special atmosphere. Turn on some soft music. It will help you to relax. Fill the room with pleasant scents of using incense or oil burner with essential oil.
Disconnect the telephones, intercom, and doorbell. Nothing should distract you from the process.

Conducting the procedure
Start the procedure with a relaxing shower. Warm water will help you to relieve tension, tune in the erotic wave. Use a shower gel with a pleasant aroma odor.
Then draw your lover to the bedroom and lay on the bed. Pour into the hands of a little massage oil and warm it. Start the session with classical movements. A technique of erotic massage at the initial stage is similar to the classical treatment. Kneading, rubbing, stroking the body will help your partner to prepare for the subsequent caresses better.

Transition to the erotic part of the procedure should be soft. Your movements become more gentle and affectionate. You pay more attention to the erogenous zones of the partner. Erotic massage is performed not only by hands but also the whole body: chest, abdomen, buttocks.

Watch the reaction of your partner. You’ll see what kind of action gives him the greatest pleasure. It is important to maintain a continuous tactile contact with your beloved person. This will increase the pleasure. Do not be distracted by extraneous things during the erotic massage.

Stretch the pleasure. Believe that your beloved person will appreciate your efforts. You can change places, alternating the role of the masseur and the client. The success of the procedure depends on your imagination and desire.

Do not be afraid of experiments. Leave embarrassment and complexes aside. They have no place here. Keep in mind that successfully conducted procedure of the erotic massage will refresh your relationship, make new bright colors, enhance passion.

Erotic massage in salon
If you do not want to spend time on preparing or have doubt in your abilities, then the masters of the erotic salon Retro will help you. Professional masseurs possess technique of erotic massage for 100%. They will give you and your partner unforgettable experience. You can select individual or joint massage. A wide variety of programs for massage, according to your wishes will be presented to your choice.

Visiting session of erotic massage in the salon Retro, you get a charge of vivacity and good mood for a long time. In addition, you can learn for yourself interesting, exciting movements.