The massage oil

Everyone knows about the benefits of massage and currently there are many legends about its healthful properties. For example, in Ancient East with its help, the evil spirits were expelled from the body. Because the healers believed that the diseases enter the body and leave it through the skin. The Greeks believed that the massage is a reliable remedy from a huge number of diseases. The Romans used it after fights to rid the body of his wounds.

Today the massage isn’t only a useful procedure. It’s also a pleasant procedure, which many people use to relieve stress, fatigue and get a dose of relax. All of this is possible thanks to the skillful hands of masseuses. But the efficiency of a massage depends not only on the master’s professionalism, it depends on the use of additional mixtures too. So, one of the important attributes of massage is an aromatic oil.

The cosmetic oil for relaxation and tenderness

And if the masseuse uses the aromatic oil during massage, her hands and touches become more soft and easy. It’s very pleasantly. Moreover, the oil helps not only softens the touches, it also renders a  particular effect on the state of man.

So, the aromatic massage oil  calms down and relax, influence on an emotional background in an apartment, have a positive effect on angry women and tired men, strengthen the effect of massage in several times. Also, the oils render the different prophylactic and therapeutic effects on an organism: tonic effect, relaxing effect, anti-stress effect and others. The oils positively influence on a skin too. They improve its appearance, soften  and moisten it. With their help, you can easily to create a romantic atmosphere in the room and add a droplet of citrus for cheerfulness, if you are in a bad mood.

Moreover, the use of massage oil protects the skin from damages and stretches that may occur during active massaging.

The aromatic oils for erotic massage

Many erotic oils are known as aphrodisiacs. They own a stimulating effect, improve the mood, take off tension and anxiety, so they are often used during the erotic massage. To such oils belong:

  • jasmine;
  • ylang-ylang;
  • sandalwood;
  • rose.

The essential oils, which contain in their composition a geranium, cedar, will help you to create a sensual atmosphere and unleash your partner. With the help of oil of rosewood, you can easily plunge in euphoria. And if the masseuse will use oil of cardamom, ginger or black pepper, you will feel the unforgettable rush of passion.

What about the choice of aromatic massage oil, then you must remember about one particularity. It must be selected together with your partner because you must keep in mind about her or his preferences and you always should take into account individual intolerance of medicaments. Thus, you’ll avoid unpleasant situation – an allergy. The well-chosen massage oil will transform such simple massage in a pleasant ritual that will soften the skin, will quiet nerves, will present an excellent mood and will take off tension.

Do you want to feel on yourself bewitching feelings of relaxation and excitation? Come to our specialized salon and enjoy the aromatherapy. Our charming masseuses will help you dip into the atmosphere of relax and eroticism. Such rest will bring a benefit not only your body and also a soul.