Эротический массаж в Киеве
Various types of erotic massage

Today the massage is a popular cosmetic procedure, with which you can relax and rest after a busy day. The massage beneficially influences not only on the individual parts of the body but also on the general state of a person. With its help, you can achieve balance, harmony and also increase the tone of your organism.

In turn, the erotic massage isn’t simply a relaxing procedure. It is a peculiar art and the way to new sexual sensations. This type of massage promotes the development of sexuality and also enhance sensitivity and sexual function.

Many people think that the erotic massage is something indecent and obscene, but it’s not true. First of all, the erotic massage Kiev is a special massage technique, aimed at the recovery of the organism, the removal of mental and physical stress. This massage is an excellent method of prophylaxis not only intimate, and also the general state for women and men.

In our salon of erotic massage, we offer you to plunge into the world of massage and experience the incredible feelings. You can visit a variety kind of massages. These are classic body massage, massage for women, men, and individual VIP programs. The skilled and charming masseuses will deliver you a lot of pleasure.

An erotic massage for men

Erotic massage Kiev for men is performed by a sexy girl-masseuse. She gently, affectionately and carefully executes movements in a certain sequence. Initially, the masseuse slightly stroking your body, then tenderly massaging you. To achieve stronger sensations, the two massages-fairies can execute this bewitching process.

Besides a physical contact, ero massage includes a specific flutter above the upper layer of the skin and the sensitive fingers of the masseuses is the best you can imagine for such a procedure. The unusual talents of our charming ladies will be allowed you to feel complete relaxation and easy ecstasy, satisfaction. The man, which will feel such senses once, will want to go back into the passionate embrace experienced enchantress.

Body massage

Another kind of erotic massage Kiev is a body massage. The feature of this massage consists exactly in the technique of its execution. The attractive girl with the help of her naked body massages a guest and at the same time, she covers kisses his body, paying special attention to the erogenous zones.

The feelings from this procedure are impossible to describe and convey. Visiting such massage you will feel an incredible excitation, complete relaxation, sense of permissiveness, and possibility to touch to the mysteries parts of hot young girl’s body.

The massage for couples

Today the erotic massage in Kiev for couples is widespread too. It includes different programs of erotic massage, involving the young married couples. This procedure not only helps to relieve tiredness and improve your health but it also helps to rekindle the fire of passion in the couple. This  massage fine will walk up that, who considerable time are in marriage and have already cooled down to your loved one. In our elegant massage salon, the interest of partners to each other will be resumed with an unforgettable passion.

When you’ll see how the masseuse touch your husband, you immediately will want to recapture him, master him and show him that you are better than anyone else. This is a very effective way to update the relationship.

There are two directions of erotic massage Kiev:

  • ancient oriental;
  • traditional European.

As a rule, the European erotic massage is more simple in its execution, rather than ancient oriental. During the execution of the second kind of massage, the emotional and physical connection take place between the guest of salon and master. And it’s also performed with elements of Yoga and Kama Sutra.

In addition, if you will come to our salon, you will plunge into the charming atmosphere of bliss and pacification from the first steps. The mysterious aura of romance will carry away you from a threshold. And our attractive masseuses, gently and sexually swinging their hips, will guide you in the comfortable massage suites. The massage rooms will delight you with its unique and original design. They will help you to rest, get rid of accumulated stress, well relax and tune in a playful erotic way. You can choose a room on your taste – chic, comfortable room as in a five star hotel or classic version, without pretentiousness.

For lovers of water procedures, we provide an erotic massage Kiev in the shower. During such procedure, you will get a charge of vivacity and energy, thanks to the gently flowing water and tender touches of our charming girl. Also our attractive masseuse can light the scented candles, if you’ll wish.

For your rest, we created all necessary conditions and that’s why the procedure of massage will be unforgettable for you and lift you up to the seventh heaven of happiness.

The erotic massage is a great way to get sexual pleasure and heal your organism.

Come to us and choose massage which you want! You also can order the service of complex erotic massage.