Welcome to the salon of erotic massage of the Retro in Kiev.

We make the maximum efforts in order you to become a maximum of pleasure from the best erotic massage in our salon!


Salons of erotic massage provide a set of services. The capital is full with various entertainments and services. Various firms and institutions offer various types of both active and passive rest. It is possible to devote salons of erotic massage to actual types of rest. Such type of rest become more and more popular in the capital. Salons of erotic massage offer a set of services and novelties. The best and, perhaps, the most professional of them is the salon of erotic massage “Retro”. Everyone knows, that to please in the plan erotic rather difficult. Tastes, interests, and preferences of each person are different and to provide what to be pleasant to the visitor, exclusively professional massage salon can. Coming to a salon, the person chooses only that masseur which to be pleasant to him most. It concerns also types of massage and additional services. Coming to such institution for the first time, clients are quite often lost and trust a choice to professionals. In our salon only, professional and qualified staff who are able to deliver a lot of fun. Often happens so that after several visits without the preliminary choice of the masseur and a type of massage, the client wants to choose a certain girl who pleased it in the previous times. This is not a problem because we can choose a girl who you like in advance. Besides a choice of masseurs, it is also worth paying attention to a choice of a type of the message. For example, it is possible to order simply erotic massage, and it is possible to order erotic massage with various additions. Besides, quite often, erotic massage is combined with different types of usual massage. If you love unusual feelings and exotic, you can also try an erotic massage with the use of ice or special aromatic oils and extracts. You can also try types of massage, which combine in themselves not only erotic massage, and use of additional materials but also a striptease or special show. If novelties not for you, you can use service of usual erotic massage. For a choice of a type of massage or its additions, it isn’t obligatory to be the master in this case at all. Our masters will advise you only the best and the programs, which are most suitable for you and additions. Duration of erotic massage is quite various.
It should be mentioned that such type of message isn’t 10-minute pleasure. Erotic massage means full pleasure and a relaxation. Coming to the salon, you will be able to choose that you want to be influenced. Erotic massage also implies preparation for massage, a session of erotic massage, additional services, and the final stage. The choice completely remains for you. Salons of erotic massage will help you to feel at the top of pleasure. During a session time for you will stop, and you will be able to take pleasure in all details of erotic massage wholly. Duration of erotic massage depends on a type of massage and all additional services. During the massage, nothing has to distract you from the process. Only this way you will be able to derive the maximum of pleasure. After the termination of a session of erotic massage, you will feel its action still the long period. In addition, in it one of its delights! When you choose, it is necessary to pay the attention to stylistics of all program, its medical effect and duration of a session. Nothing else doesn’t matter. After visiting salon of erotic massage of “Retro” in Kiev and you will remain happy. You will fully enjoy all the charm of erotic massage no matter what program you choose. Each of the technicians of erotic massage is special and requires the full return in hands of skillful masseurs. If you haven’t enough one masseur, you can use services of two girls. Also, rather actual is a service for pair massage recently. More and more loving couples choose such type of massage. For today, only a small amount of people has an idea how correctly and effectively to relax. All know that each person needs moral unloading. However, not everyone pays enough attention to the physical state. After all our body also demands unloading and rest. All the rest depends on physical rest. Salons of erotic massage this excellent place completely to relax and leave your daily stresses and vanity. Today, to look for relaxation in salons of erotic massage becomes very actually. Ancient cultures actively practiced such type of message didn’t consider it something wrong or forbidden at all. In ancient times to make such massage, the girl had to know all fundamentals of feng shui, all technicians of erotic massage and an aromatherapy. For today, such skills considerably would diversify life of any couple. Having tried erotic massage once, you will open for yourself a remarkable way of full relaxation.