VIP service

VIP service of erotic massage salon “Retro” in Kiev will bring you the feeling that awakens the desire to find a hidden opportunity to plunge deeper into the consciousness of the fact that the level of bliss increases. You will want completely surrender to the will of your feelings, so they poured and poured.You will ask yourself if there is greater happiness than the happiness from bliss and relaxation? And one thought is enough to be shaken from the bliss.And the number of rushes of feelings depends only on you, but we guarantee the high-quality execution of our services. Your feelings on the VIP service of erotic massage will take you on the soft sand under the hot sun or in the shade of sugar trees , professional touch of fingers will help you choose the best place for your dreams. You will find yourself on the warm sand, where the water connects with the land, and there will be feeling that the flood of waves gently stroke your hair and body, and your look turned to the distant stars, and young face incline to you … It is important not to miss such chance!

At first our masseurs may percuss you with the rib of soft palm with light, but skilled and professional blows, dearly pinch your strained muscles, push you on sacrum,malax calf ,sip tired phalanxes of refined fingers, for a long time malax hind head,clap softy on the head. You will feel yourself splendid in condition of gripped half dormancy.

Gentle hands will not move quickly on your naked body, gently permeating all your excavation and sockets, dearly slide on clavicles, massage underarm, run between the breasts and buttocks.Then they will move to the inner site of thighs and begin to seek out where the most intense and sensitive points.Trembling of the whole body will not make you to wait. Professional hand movements back and forth, which are similar to the iron, will smooth every fold on your skin.Either lightly touching the top, or pushing strongly and deeply. Loins will start moving as if she gently tossed waves of the sea. Most likely you will bend as the arc and scream.But hands will continue its persistent and entrancing work, running through the body, while not tremendous tide will immerse you for a while into indifferent euphoric lethargy.